It’s almost spring but after a dry winter, the heavens have opened here and the alpine ski resorts are having a bumper year. Maldon, Victoria very rarely sees that cold, white stuff but we have had some wonderfully heavy frosts, not too good for the newly planted vegetable patches!

The Library has had a busy time with several events that emphasise its important place in our small community. Our hard working President ensures that we continue to feature in local news and advertisements. In recent months we have had two book sales (indoors in the Library Reading Room – in the warmer months we have stalls outside the building but not in winter). Both sales were extremely successful and later in August we are involved in a “pop up” stall at the local monthly market. This latter is very popular indeed and we anticipate more funds for new books.

We have also had two literary “events”, a reading of her biography by Joan Hooper and latterly a poetry reading by expatriate Katharine Gallagher, a London-based writer of renown who was born in Maldon and reared locally. Both events were well attended in spite of inclement weather.

In July, our annual Maldon in Winter festival saw a successful holiday activity for children organised by Castlemaine Library and held in our Athenaeum Hall, plus all the usual “Christmas in July” dinners by several of our local cafes and pubs. The retailers did us proud as always by dressing their windows in cold weather themes, the best judged by local school children. Special steam trains were run and Maldon was a visitors’ delight.

We have contact with the other (original!) Maldon in Essex and visitors from here are encouraged to visit our twin town. Occasionally articles from the UK Maldon appear in our local weekly newspaper, the Tarrangower Times. The editors of this publication which has been continuously published from 1858, offer a fantastic service to a small community of less than 1,300 and their website is worth a visit.

And so we carry on, the flag flying merrily! The Library’s almost forty volunteers should be congratulated on their dedicated service with new volunteers regularly knocking on our door.



Our first Newsletter of the year, though of course, other than public holidays, we have been on board as usual without a break.

At this time of the year Maldon receives an influx of visitors and many call into our beautiful Library for a browse. Without exception we proudly accept the accolades.

With the constant purchase of new books by our tireless President, we are now heading to 19,000 total of volumes on our groaning shelves. It should be noted that any member can order a book so long as it is deemed suitable for general reading.

One item to note is that we have received ‘Deductible Gift Recipient Status’ and can now utilise the “tick” on all our brochures, letterhead etc, a most useful addition.

Also, we now have a “Child Safety and Code of Conduct” brochure, an initiative by the Victorian Government that is applicable to all institutions dealing with children. Ours has been abbreviated for easy reading. Many of our volunteers additionally have an official ”Working With Children” certificate which is issued by the Justice and Regulation Department of the Government of Victoria.

We have some interesting prints on our walls and one of our well qualified library members has been approached to assess these for authenticity and perhaps valuation and provenance. Visitors often request information on the prints and we hope to be able to have fuller details in the future.

Newcomers to Maldon frequently join and one lady who had been living here for one mere week,paid her annual subscription of $15.00 the other day. You can’t get keener than that!

We at the Athenaeum look forward to another year of increased members and volunteers. No sign of a decrease and although we acknowledge the wide use of tablets by many, there’s still nothing to beat a good, old-fashioned book.

All for now until next month.


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